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Resource Guides

pay-per-view All of our Pupil's and Teacher's Guides below are now available to download straight to your computer. Just click on the pay-per-view link above and find the title you want on the download page.

available by post Some of the Pupil's and Teacher's Guides are still available by post. Click on the links below to preview each title and find out if they are still in print.

What's in a Pupil's/Teacher's Guide?
CAT's Pupil's Guides support GCSE project work and provide background information for some younger pupils, or, indeed, anyone who is looking into renewable technology without any prior knowledge.

CAT's Teacher's Guides provide practical information on working with pupils by using working models, mostly on a small-scale. Useful to teachers at any level.

Prices range from 2.00 to 4.50.
Download all seven educational booklets for just 20.00 on pay-per-view.

Pupil's Guides to Renewable Energy
CAT's Pupil's Guide to Solar Power
CAT's Pupil's Guide to Water Power
CAT's Pupil's Guide to Windpower

Teacher's Guides to Renewable Energy Projects
CAT's Teacher's Guide to Solar Electricity Projects
CAT's Teacher's Guide to Solar Heating Projects
CAT's Teacher's Guide to Water Power Projects
CAT's Teacher's Guide to Wind Power Projects

Teaching About Energy (CAT & Southgate Publishers)

Other CAT Educational Resources
Click here to find more educational tools for teachers and pupils from the CAT Education department

Non-CAT Educational Resources
Click here to find all educational books available from CAT's Green Shop

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