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Are cars electric?

As discussed in Clean Slate 75 and now published in the new Zero Carbon Britain 2030 report (, CAT's new energy strategy proposes that all transport be electrified where possible - including all private cars (alongside a reduction in private use).

CAT Members are likely to be aware of the Environmental TransportAssociation (ETA), due to the affinity scheme we run with them. They have just launched a new 'Electric Car Buyers' Guide' on their website, making it easier for people to compare the various electric cars currently available.

Due to the small number of completely electric cars on the market, the ETA site only gives details of ten vehicles at the moment. However, as many more manufacturers are to release new electric vehicles during the coming year, the guide will soon be able to grow. You can see the guide, and read more about electric vehicles - such as the forthcoming grant scheme – at

The ETA has also just announced the winners in their latest 'Green Car awards' - recognising those vehicles with the lowest environmental (e.g. carbon emissions & fuel consumption) across a range of categories. You can see the results alongside their Car Buyer's Guide, at