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Radical action is needed if we are to avoid dangerous climate breakdown. CAT offers practical solutions and hands-on learning to help create a zero carbon world.

Climate Strike

In support of the strikes, CAT will hold a solidarity protest on site at 1pm on 20th September.

We need a UK-wide Climate Emergency Action Plan!

Paul Allen has called for a UK-wide Climate Emergency Action Plan! Please sign his petition and share widely.

New courses at CAT Graduate School for 2019

MSc Green Building*, MSc Sustainable Ecology* & MSc Sustainability and Behaviour Change*

Inspiring Action

Inspire action on climate change by donating to CAT today

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There’s so much to see and do at CAT, with hands-on learning for all ages. Visit us to explore all aspects of green living.

What's on

Whole home, energy display

Low Energy Buildings – Part A

Building comfort into your surroundings. Join our MSc students and learn about the complex interrelationship between physical comfort, energy flows in buildings and energy efficient building design. Explore the theories,…

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students and volunteers talking in the CAT cafe

Open Day: MSc Courses (Fully booked)

Held during one of our MSc student Module Week, our Graduate School open days offer an authentic informative taster of what it’s like to learn on our postgraduate sustainability courses and…

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Open Day: MArch (ARB Part 2) course

Held during one of our Masters in Architecture module weeks, our Graduate School open day offer an authentic informative taster of what it’s like to study at CAT and provides you a…

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Graduate School of the Environment

Gain the knowledge and skills to help address environmental change. CAT’s postgraduate courses are respected across the world, providing a big-picture, integrated approach to sustainability.

Zero Carbon Britain

To tackle climate change, all emissions that can go to zero must go to zero – as rapidly as possible. CAT’s Zero Carbon Britain research shows how this can be done using technology available today.

Educational Trips

Bring your school, college or educational group to CAT and start exploring positive solutions to environmental challenges.
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Short Courses

Gain practical skills and hands-on experience with one of our day, weekend or week-long sustainability courses.
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Latest from the CAT Blog

CAT Conference 2019

We had an exciting time at the CAT Conference this year, with lots of inspiring conversations, great speakers, a memorable ceilidh and highly engaged participants. The theme this year was…

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Composting - Toilet

The joys of compost toilets

Compost toilets come in all shapes and sizes, from hand built cabins on the mountainside, to off the shelf systems. You may have used one at a festival, nature reserve,…

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organic gardens at CAT

Fledgling farmers

An update on the Pathways to Farming pilot project by Katie Hastings We have reached the end of our first year training new commercial food producers to grow and sell…

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Free Information Service

Wondering what you can do in your own home to help combat climate change? CAT’s free information service offers independent and impartial advice on a wide range of areas to help you live more sustainably.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

Generate electricity from the sun. Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels convert sunlight into electricity. You can use the electricity to power domestic appliances, and export excess energy to the grid. This…

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Natural and low impact building materials

Natural and low impact building materials

Our page on low energy buildings talks about the ’embodied energy’ of building materials. This is the energy that was used in extraction, manufacture, and transportation. Another way of assessing…

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Energy saving at home

Energy saving at home

From the very earliest days of CAT we have focused on building and renovating to high levels of insulation, so that we consume less energy. Reducing our energy demand makes…

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