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We have launched a new fundraising campaign this week in order to support our vital work in building momentum throughout 2015 in  keeping climate change on the agenda in the run-up to the general election, and support the growing network of organisations calling for a net zero agreement, ahead of December’s crucial UN Climate Summit in Paris.

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“2015 is going to be one big year for everyone involved in the climate change debate. CAT’s work on its Zero Carbon Britain project, and on ‘deep decarbonisation’ in general, provides a formidable resource in combatting the dark forces that are holding back real change, inspirationally signposting exactly the kind of transition strategies we now so urgently need.”Jonathon Porritt Jan 2015

Something is shifting, we recently interviewed Naomi Klein, author of This Changes Everything. for our Clean Slate magazine  One of her phrases that  really struck us was : “We need a convergence of existing movements to turn this tanker around.” We at CAT couldn’t agree more, which is why we need you to support the work we do.

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Climate science shows that the UK needs to rapidly move to net zero carbon emissions if we are to play our part in averting dangerous climate change. CAT’s Zero Carbon Britain team has shown that we have the technical ability to get to net zero. We know that a bright, positive, zero carbon future is possible – the only barrier is the will to change. And yet government action in the UK and elsewhere has been pitifully inadequate.

CAT’s pioneering, practical methods have inspired a generation by mapping the changes required at every level in society: the education of our schoolchildren, the way we construct our buildings and design our energy systems, the way we organise our economies and influence public behaviour. We believe that 2015 is an exceptional opportunity to create the impetus needed for these changes – and to do that we need your help. We are going to be:

Getting ‘net zero’ on the agenda – building on CAT’s acclaimed Zero Carbon Britain research, we are joining up with other organisations, scientists and academics across the globe to call for a net zero agreement in Paris.

Digging below the climate rhetoric – as we approach the general election we will be using our new Manifestometer to help people to dig below policy makers’ rhetoric. This penetrating set of questions helps you check whether manifesto promises match up to the practical steps needed to build a zero carbon Britain.

Equipping civil society groups – we will be running workshops and seminars for those concerned about climate change at conferences, festivals and other events.

Keeping climate solutions in the media spotlight – CAT’s media team is stepping up its activity: researching stories, creating press releases and using social media to spread our message of positive solutions as far and wide as possible.

Bringing a positive vision to Paris – working with climate scientists, NGOs and policy makers we will ensure that our voice is heard loud and clear in the build-up to, during and after the UN Climate Summit.

We are aiming to raise £34,000 to enable us to build a strong, collective voice of concerned citizens in time for the UK election and before the Paris Summit. For 40 years CAT has been able to offer an alternative to the vested interests that are destroying our planet. So many people have come on this journey with us – members, volunteers, supporters, academics – everyone who is part of the CAT community has helped make this possible. We would be so grateful if you could support us  at this highly significant time for people and the environment. Together, we can turn this tanker around!

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