The Centre for Alternative Technology has put out a statement in response to Amber Rudd’s energy policy speech made on the 18th November 2015.

The CEO Adrian Ramsay said;

“We wish we could rejoice in the news that UK coal-fired power stations
will be closed by 2025, as this is an important step in the right direction
in the fight against climate change. However yesterday’s speech by Amber
Rudd, Secretary of State for Climate Change and Energy leaves little to
celebrate. Building a new generation of gas-fired power stations locks
the UK into the continual burning of fossil fuels, at a time when the
UK Government needs to be planning to phase out fossil fuels and
supporting clean, green power generation provided by renewable energy.14303695647_81c9e69a4d

Ahead of the Paris climate talks we need to see clear leadership from
Amber Rudd in supporting renewables and phasing out fossil fuels. The
climate science couldn’t be clearer: the world must plan to rapidly move
beyond fossil fuels and eliminate our greenhouse gas emissions by

We know we can do this: CAT’s new ‘Who’s Getting Ready for Zero’ report
offers robust scenarios from across the globe that clearly demonstrate that
we can reach zero emissions with existing technologies.”


· Between April and June in 2015 the UK produced 25% of its energy from renewable sources, outstripping coal and nuclear for the 1st time. (Guardian 24/9/2015)

·Despite the great progress in the production of energy from renewable sources, proposed government cuts to renewables subsidies threaten their continued growth and development

· The UK government pays £6 billion annually in fossil fuel subsidies compared with £3.5 billion of subsidies to the renewables industry- a figure that is currently projected to decline (Independent 12/11/2015)

· A recent report from Good Energy demonstrates that wind and solar brought down the wholesale cost of electricity by £1.55 billion in 2014.

· As CAT’s flagship Zero Carbon Britain research project has shown, we can reduce the amount of energy we need power through energy efficiency measure and meet that reduced energy demand through a mix of renewables, including onshore, offshore wind, hydro, solar, biomass and geo thermal.