30 species in one night! A short report from our annual Moth Night

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Despite the rainy weather more than 30 brave moths haunters, including a very enthusiastic crew from Engineers without Borders of Bristol University, met last Saturday at CAT  for an action packed moth and bats night with Peter Williams, Powys moth recorder and his and his mothing team.

Devon Carpet Moth

Four UV lamps traps were spread over the site, a  few butterflies nets in hands of skilled haunters of different ages meant we were able to collect more than 30 different species of moth, including the huge and very colourful Elephant Hawk Moth and a rare(ish) Devon Carpet. Other notable catches were the Satin Lutestring and the Lobster Moth (so called because in larval form it looks like a lobster!), as a moth it is large and very fluffy.

These records will be sent into the national record centre to be collated with other national moth sightings to develop different research and conservation policies.

On the bat front, Phil Ward counted 153 Pipistrelles in the roost above CAT’s Shop and we found two Daubenton’s bats flying over the lake. With the brown long eared and the lesser horseshoe that are living down the shop, we probably have about five (possibly six) different species of bat living at CAT.

Lobster Moth Larvae

If you would like more  information about moths: