Carbonhagen here we come!

Carbonhagen here we come!

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Paul Allen, Kim Bryan , Tanya Hawkes and Alex Randall from The Centre for Alternative Technology in Machynlleth set off today to Denmark – via Saturday’s massive WAVE demonstration in London. They are going to Copenhagen to promote the second edition of Zero Carbon Britain (ZCB) and participate in the myriad of workshops and events that are taking place as part of COP15- The United Nations Climate Change Conference.

ZCB is a positive, realistic policy framework that is grounded in the latest climate science and devised from extensive research by leading experts in climate change. It provides political and economic solutions to the urgent challenges raised by climate science. Alex Randall speaking on behalf of CAT said:

“ We are going to Copenhagen with something positive that shows how we can rapidly decarbonise- COP 15 represents a unique opportunity for us to get the report (Zero Carbon Britain) out there, The science says we must take action on climate change, existing technology says we can- it is time to say that we will.”

Blog updates from inside and outside the conference will be posted here daily- watch this space

CAT in Copenhagen

Paul Allen external relations director of CAT will be concentrating on mobilising support for ZCB in the main negotiating complex, from trade, industry, business and key policy makers.

“Through Zero Carbon Britain scenario CAT aims to stimulate debate and build consensus over this new and challenging terrain, integrating detailed knowledge and experience from a wide range of disciplines into a single framework that can be clearly and effectively articulated to endorse both the urgency and the opportunity of reaching the right international agreement”

Tanya Hawkes who will be attending the NGO’s main event the Kilmaforum 09 that will take place throughout the two week summit:

“This year offers an historical opportunity to step up international action on climate change. The world must act as one on order to ensure sustainable growth, poverty eradication and safe guard the world for generations to come.”

The CAT team will be joining with thousands of people who will be converging in Copenhagen to make their voices heard and demand a climate treaty which is just and effective.