A busy week for Zero Carbon Britain

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by Bruce Heagerty

Last week was a great week to be working as Zero Carbon Britain’s Communications Officer. Firstly, our latest newsletter came out. We hope to do more regular updates on stories related to Zero Carbon Britain next year, so if you are interested in being kept up-to-date then please sign up to our newsletter.

Secondly, we have just launched our latest appeal for support for the Zero Carbon Britain programme. We want to do further research to back up the findings in last year’s ZCB2030 report to help convince policy makers that we should be taking the necessary decisions to decarbonise now. The new research will include work on dealing with wind variability and plans showing how we can incrementally achieve our 2030 goal.

Last week was particularly busy as I headed off to Oxford on 1st December to give a key note speech about Zero Carbon Britain in Oxford Town Hall at the inauguration of Oxfordshire’s Low Carbon Hub. This was the coming together of 65 groups dedicated to decarbonising Oxfordshire. The organisers have launched a new website linking all of these organisations so that people can find decarbonisation advice and support within Oxfordshire and beyond. With a bit of luck this type of county-wide decarbonisation network will soon begin proliferating as we all pull together to work towards a zero carbon Britain.

Zero Carbon Britain was invited to give a talk at the ‘Bank of Ideas’ and I held a well-attended two-hour workshop there which was peppered with interesting questions about how we can bring about a Zero Carbon Britain by 2030. The next day there was a Climate Justice march from Blackfriars to London involving hundreds of people demanding that the government do more to safeguard our climate future.

Going out and giving talks on ZeroCarbonBritain is a real privilege and it is great to get the chance to share the report’s ideas in the hope that more and more people will be inspired to get involved in bringing about a decarbonised UK. If your local council or environmental group require a talk on ZCB2030 then please get in touch.