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The Friday of the November module was a very busy day for the Prof Dip students, with a long awaited field trip and a rather unusual social event in the evening…

The day started with breakfast together in the restaurant – for those who could drag themselves out of bed, of course!

A little later, we arrived at Portmeirion – the first stop on our field trip. Portmeirion is about an hour’s drive from CAT, near the town of Porthmadog.

Portmeirion was designed and built by Clough Williams-Ellis between 1925 and 1975 in the style of an Italian village. While at the site, we looked at the way the site was planned and developed in comparison to the CAT site – as they are both developments of similar sizes in a similar area, there may be ways in which the development of Portmeirion could influence a masterplan for CAT.

We set about exploring the village – and, of course, stopping for photographs!

Our next project (starting in January) will be in Porthmadog. As we were already in the area, we stopped off to take a look at the town! From our vantage point above Porthmadog we could see the Cob, a large sea wall built in 1811 to reclaim the Traeth Mawr estuary for agricultural use – a development that has strongly impacted the growth and development of the town, and which could lead to problems in the future as a result of rising sea levels.

Eating our packed lunches next to the harbour in Porthmadog.

Tremadog, on the outskirts of Porthmadog, was planned by William Madocks – the man responsible for building the Cob, and the growth of Porthmadog.

Our next stop was the garden at Plas Brondanw, the home of Clough Williams-Ellis. The garden was planned to take advantage of the natural landscape surrounding the house, with a series of outdoor ‘rooms’ and carefully planned views out towards the mountains.

Dan, Dan and Andy demonstrate the range of colourful trousers modelled by Prof Dip students.

Finally, we made one last stop on the way home – a mountain road with a view back down over the Traeth Mawr. From here we could see Porthmadog and the former estuary (which is now agricultural land).

We arrived back at CAT in time for dinner with the MSc students.Photo 12Friday night is our Social Night – traditionally, the tutors and Students put on pantomimes during the November module! After dinner, we set about writing the Prof Dip panto and getting ourselves ready.

We were given Tom Thumb as our pantomime – which somehow became a skit on the Nativity at CAT, featuring Merlin, the men of WISE and of course our Dame! It was a great evening – although there were some moments which are probably best forgotten…

Finally, everyone relaxed with a drink after a long and exciting day!