Come study one of our courses in Sustainability and Adaptation, available as Postgraduate Diplomas or as a Masters Course.

Immerse yourself in examining Sustainability and Adaptation at the Centre for Alternative Technology’s (CAT) Graduate School of the Environment.

Come and learn from experts in sustainability, with a passion for environmental education, and explore how you can help create the changes we need in society and to rise to the challenges presented by climate change.

Our three courses in adaptation use the concepts of sustainability and adaptation transformation to frame an analysis of environmental change, and examine what we need to do to adapt to the impacts of global warming whilst rising to the challenge of stopping really dangerous levels of climate change.

Flexible Learning

Students can either come and complete modules on site, complete the modules via distance learning, or study via a combination of the two.

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Why is adaptation to climate change so important?

The Earth is currently as hot as or slightly hotter than any time in the previous 120,000 years. Carbon dioxide levels have exceeded 400ppm, a 15 million year high, and the world is facing an increase in global temperature of between 4 and 6 degrees C by the end of this century.

It is clear that human induced climatic change is already occurring and that there is still a significant amount of warming to come.

To avoid the most dangerous levels of global warming, and the threat of runaway climate change, we must take steps to stop carbon emissions and sequester carbon, but adaptation is also already essential.

Adaptation to climate change

To avoid catastrophic harm to society from the changes to our climate and the increased frequency of severe weather events we must adapt and make changes of an almost unprecedented scale.

Changes needed include:

  • Increasing societal resilience to climatic change;
  • Enhancing and regenerating ecosystems;
  • Supporting the emergence of just and sustainable societal support systems;
  • Radically reducing humanity’s carbon emissions.

Become a changemaker

As adaptation to climate change becomes more pressing, society will need a workforce with new skills and attributes. Career opportunities will develop that will need the knowledge and approach that CAT is delivering in its new MSc and short courses.

Open days

Graduate School open days offer an authentic flavour of what it’s like to learn on our postgraduate sustainability courses. Informative and inspiring, there’s time to chat with current students and our lecturers to find out if studying with CAT is right for you.