Belarus Minister Visits CAT on fact-finding trip

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CAT recently hosted a visit led by the Energy Efficiency Minister of Belarus who wants to establish up a new environmental centre and masters programme at Volma Environmental Centre in association with Minsk University, Belarus.

The two main purposes to their visit were to learn from CAT’s history, experiences and research over the years to gain ideas on how they might develop their centre, and to discuss ways in which they could develop renewable energy and energy efficiency programmes, develop and deliver new environmental teaching and explore establishing masters programmes with advice from CAT.

Paul Allen, External Relations Officer at CAT said “The Centre for Alternative Technology was pleased to be able to host the Minister and energy delegation from Belarus, and to take them through the knowledge and experience we have accumulated though our work in the energy sector over the past almost 40 years. Clearly Belarus has inherited some significant energy challenges from the soviet era, but having heard their progress to date and plans for the future we are excited about exploring further collaboration and sharing of best practice.”

One of the party from Belarus, Prof Rodzkin offered an invitation to staff of CAT’s Graduate School for the Environment to attend the ISEU (International Sakharov Environmental University) annual conference to contribute a lecture or presentation at the event.

The visit was organised by KEMA – a global, leading authority in business and technical consultancy along the energy value-chain. The visiting group comprised the Belarussian Minister for Sustainable Energy, two professors from Minsk University and a civil servant.

Principal Consultant of DNV KEMA Energy & Sustainability Ilka Lewington said of the visit: “the beauty and tranquillity of your location, the interesting and thoughtful way of presenting the exhibits, your professional and well judged presentations and explanations on site, your kindness, your humour, the clean and comfortable spaces in the WISE building … I am very grateful for having had the opportunity to visit CAT, and for our project it gave me many ideas and insights.”