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A fantastic opportunity for KS 3, 4 and 5 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) groups in  North Wales to visit CAT with bursaries covering  travel, tuition and entry.15682048387_1e66b99e41_z

The Thomas Howell Education Fund for North Wales is now being extended from September 2015 to July 2016, to allow a greater number of pupils aged between 11 and 18 in to access the grant. The fund has been granted to provide pupils in the North Wales region with the opportunity to gain knowledge around climate change and sustainability issues and to encourage young people to pursue excellence in their studies around STEM topics.

Schools can get free or subsidised visits to CAT that will inspire young people to make positive changes in their schools, homes and communities through its stimulating learning environment and hands- on solution focused teaching.

For further details follow this link   or to book a visit contact: Gabrielle Ashton Education Dept – 01654705983   education@cat.org.uk


Study Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) at CAT.

At CAT we offer day and residential visits with a diverse range of practical and theoretical activities which can be adapted to tie in with STEM curricula.

Providing education to pupils of all ages for over thirty years, CAT complements all STEM subjects with a solutions-focused perspective on climate change, global poverty, finite resources and biodiversity loss.

  • Sustainable design
  • Renewable energy
  • The Dyfi Biosphere
  • Zerocarbonbritain2030

Putting energy, the environment and sustainability into context with a visit to CAT, could open doors for STEM learners who may not respond well to traditional classroom methods. Not only would students have a unique opportunity to gain essential skills and knowledge for the future but also to interact with a community consciously creating a more ecologically sound future through cooperation, understanding and education.

‘We really had an awesome time.
The success was so big that our members are asking for only one thing: MORE TRIPS!
We will definitely come back and until then keep up the good work because CAT is amazing!’
Engineers Without Borders – Cardiff University

For more information and to book your visit contact education@cat.org.uk or telephone 01654 705 983. Please mention your interest in STEM when responding.

Please note, all residential visits are for a minimum of two nights.

Gabrielle Ashton Education Dept – 01654705983 education@cat.org.uk



For further details follow this link http://learning.cat.org.uk/for-your-subject?lang=en   or to book a visit contact: