Ideas, solutions, ACTION! Campaigning courses at CAT in November.

Ideas, solutions, ACTION! Campaigning courses at CAT in November.

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Two inspirational courses running at CAT this November explore the ideas, solutions and action needed to tackle climate change. The People Power course runs over the weekend 5th – 7th November and looks at the methods behind grassroots campaigning, taking your campaign ideas to the next level. The Climate Crisis course from November 9th to 14th provides in-depth understanding of the climate debate needed to develop coherant, sophisticated campaigns.

Climate Campaign against drilling for oil in tar sands

Climate Crisis is being run as part of the MA in Activism and Social Change at Leeds University here at CAT. It is designed for those already tuned into the climate debate who would like to explore ideas  in this minefield of opposing science and opinion.  Lecturers from CAT and the University of Leeds will deal with issues and responses within the climate change debate.  From The Energy Crisis and Peak Oil to Social Movement for Change, this course will equip people with the knowledge they need to tackle environmental issues at a grassroots level.

People Power, taught by Lucy Pearce and Amanda Starbuck who have decades of experience in environmental, climate change and human rights campaigning. The course will teach the skills needed to develop grassroots, community oriented campaigns. People Power focuses on developing the voice of these campaigns to achieve fully-fledged, effective campaigns by delving into topics such as tactical thinking, lobbying and the strategic use of media.

These courses will enable you to develop campaigns to achieve real change.

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