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“How can we build a more sustainable and zero-carbon future?”

CAT asked festival goers at last year’s El Sueno music festival for their ideas…

Look… smiley faces and sunshine! This will get you warmed up for the summer!

CAT was pleased to be part of local music and politics festival El Sueno Existe which took place in Machynlleth, Powys last August. We asked festival goers for their ideas on how we can build a more sustainable future together, and then took their photos – here are a few of their responses…

“Grow your own vegetables – using seeds and varieties for each area”

“I buy my milk from Mr News behind the clock in glass bottles – then I take the bottles back to use again”

“BREWERIES – start taking crates of bottles back, and re-using them!”

“Take public transport, walk, cycle. Less flying, more train connections!”

“More Skype, less travel”

“Reduce high carbon consumables”

El Sueno celebrates the life, music, politics and culture of South America and Wales. The festival is a melting pot of cultures, with musicians playing mezclas of celtic folk and traditional Andean music, alongside discussions and talks on left-wing politics and how we can collectively build a more harmonious, equal and sustainable world. For more information on this year’s festival, take a look at their website.

Tell us your ideas on how we can build a more sustainable and zero-carbon future below – if you have a creative way of telling it to us – perhaps through a photo or video – even better, we’d love to see it, post your responses below!