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The Face your Elephant project is a partnership between CAT, Woodcraft Folk (a youth organisation that empowers young people and are strong on sustainability issues) and de Montfort University. The title was created by young people some years ago, after seeing CAT’s Carbon Gym, where they were introduced to the idea that our carbon emissions weighed the same as two large elephants (now three). The project goes to festivals with a marquee with activities and a group of young people who educate people about climate change and sustainable futures. The current group are particularly keen and creative. They really liked our Zero Carbon visioning workshops so they’ve been using that as a focus for discussion with festival goers of all ages.6713657685_fe185562c1_z

It means that Deirdre and Ann are sometimes obliged to go to festivals like Latitude to support the young people. Not only is it great going to the festivals, it is also extremely satisfying to see them developing new communication skills and often surprising themselves by what they are able to achieve.

So, if you are going to Latitude this year, look out for us. We wont be in the central area but usually somewhere on the way towards it.