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Responding to the appointment of Amber Rudd as the new Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, CAT CEO Adrian Ramsay said:

“I congratulate Amber Rudd on her appointment. She has repeatedly asserted her commitment to tackling climate change, curbing carbon emissions, increasing green investment and pressing for a strong deal at the crucial international climate talks this December. I now challenge her to ensure that the policies of the UK Government are consistent with the scientific evidence on the action needed for a rapid decarbonisation of our economy. This is what is needed to ensure that the UK is taking a lead in this crucial year when we need an international agree220px-342303320_Amber_Rudd_MPment which keeps global temperature rises below the critical two degree warming to avoid the worst effects of climate change.

“Rudd will have to stand up to the Conservative backbenchers and show decisive and clear leadership in rolling out a long term plan to stimulate green jobs. Our renewable energy and energy efficiency industries need to be able to rely on consistent support from Government policy to secure investment.

“Rudd will also need to examine some of the Conservative pre-election pledges. She has shown support for home insulation and some renewables but if this is coupled with scrapping support for onshore wind farms, continued subsidies for fracking and North Sea oil exploration then she won’t be able to achieve the decarbonisation that the scientific evidence shows we need.”

“”The Centre for Alternative Technology has been saying for a long time that the solutions to climate change are within our grasp – all that is needed is the political will. Amber Rudd has stated a commitment to addressing climate change. It is now the job of every concerned citizen and the charities and NGOs that they support to hold her to account and help muster this political will. Now is not the time to give up hope; now is the time to rally around positive solutions, working towards a shared vision of a more sustainable world. “