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This blog is by Dan, on of the volunteers in the CAT gardens this summer.

Spring has come, the sun has arrived and it is an exciting time for a CAT volunteer gardener! The short daylight and relentless rain has not deterred us from our spring time preparations and the hard work is now paying off.

Roger with the hotbeds last month

With a combination of our own well balanced soil mixes and Roger’s home built ‘hotbeds’ (alternating layers of straw and decomposing food waste in special mice proof cages) we successfully germinated thousands of flower, herb and vegetable seeds. In the past months these have rigorously grown into mighty seedlings meaning we have had to keep on top of transplanting and finding space to put them all!

Seedlings a few weeks ago, waiting to be planted out
Planting seedlings out in April

Despite all this excitement, we have not forgotten to provide our on-site vegetarian restaurant with crate after crate of organic salads, roots and brassicas! We usually provide between 1 and 8 crates daily for the restaurant and Anna and I work hard hand picking the best variety and combinations. For the salads we pick Winter Purslane (Miner’s Lettuce) with a mix of greens such as rocket, tatsoi, mizuna, red giant mustard and red Russian kale. We then enhance its beauty with a combination of edible flowers, our favourite being viola tricolor, a highly nutritious and medicinal plant which has a long history of use in herbalism and even love potions!

Dan and Anna with produce for the restaurant

The 4 Crop Rotation display and the ‘Suburban Garden’ have been clawed and sown with this seasons spuds, roots, legumes and brassicas and our flower seedlings are big enough for planting out for display. The more we plant out the more we sow, so be sure to expect baby 5 Colour Chard, Calabrese and Cucumbers to name but a few very soon!

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Anna planting out in April, WISE in the background


The same view today