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CAT is going to Paris, here you will find our press pack for the  COP21 UNFCCC climate talks. Packed full of useful information, key events we will be attending and the messages we are taking with us. We will be promoting our ground-breaking Zero Carbon research project both inside and outside the official negotiating hall to raise ambition by showing we have all the technologies we need to do what the climate science demands of us. The work we will present includes the recently released ‘Who’s Getting Ready for Zero?’ and some initial findings from our current phase of research, ‘Zero Carbon: Making it Happen’.zc__mih_header_3

The key messages that we are taking to Paris are:

We know we must! The climate science couldn’t be clearer. In Paris the world must plan to rapidly move beyond fossil fuels and eliminate our greenhouse gas emissions by mid-century.

We know we can! CAT’s new ‘Who’s Getting Ready for Zero?’ report offers robust scenarios from across the globe that clearly demonstrate that we can reach zero emissions with existing technologies.

The media services we offer are:

  • Spokespersons for CAT and the Zero Carbon Britain project include Adrian Ramsay, CEO of CAT and Paul Allen, Zero Carbon Britain Project Coordinator.
  • Expert information and commentary on all aspects of sustainable technologies, including the policy environment. Areas of expertise include renewable energy, sustainable architecture, land use and transport.
  • Case studies of and contacts for pioneering projects that aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, tackle fuel poverty and provide clean green energy.
  • High quality images of sustainable technologies in action.
  • Our Twitter and Facebook feeds will be closely following events both inside and outside the climate talks. We will be using the opportunity of the climate talks to showcase decarbonisation scenarios from across the globe on our social media channels.
  • Interviews in Welsh language

    Get in contact if you would like any more information +44 (0)7709 696 599