CAT launches new book and info service to help people claim feed-in tariff incentives

CAT launches new book and info service to help people claim feed-in tariff incentives

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PV solar roof at CATSince the 1st of April householders and communities installing electricity-generating technologies such as small wind turbines and solar panels have been entitled to claim payments for the low carbon power they produce. This is thanks to the governments’ new feed-in tariff incentive scheme (FiTs) – which guarantees owners of renewable energy systems a fixed price for every unit of electricity they produce for the next twenty-five years.

To coincide with the launch of FiTs – CAT publishes its new book – Choosing Solar Electricity: A guide to photovoltaic systems – and launches a free information service designed to help people make the most of the new incentives.

Allan Shepherd of CAT publications says “for the first time solar power will make economic sense for a large number of householders, property owners, businesses and anyone with a suitable site for solar electricity production. It will take investment up front but the tariff guarantees you can pay the cost off and get free electricity. ”Tobi Kellner from CAT’s information department says “generating income and saving money on energy bills is a fantastic incentive for people to make the move to low carbon lifestyles. Feed-in tariff incentives have enormous potential to change the way we think and use energy.”

Feed-in tariff incentives are designed to help householders take advantage of renewable energy, encourage business opportunities in the renewables sector, reduce the cost of renewable energy and bring about a significant increase in the amount of locally produced green energy.

CAT’s Publications department and information service offer advice and information on all aspects of sustainable living – producing information sheets, factsheets, books and educational guides on subjects ranging from composting toilets to environmental building and energy production. The publications are available on-line or from any book retailer. The information department is contactable by phone, e-mail, snail mail or in person during a visit to CAT’s visitor centre.

A day long course onRenewable Energy and FiTs is being held at CAT on Saturday 10th of April. The course introduces the government’s new Feed-in-Tariff scheme to support renewable electricity generation and explains how solar photovoltaics and wind power can be used under the scheme.