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CAT has launched a new research phase of its Zero Carbon Britain project. The next step will draw in expertise from across a wide range of disciplines in order to build a comprehensive body of research around reducing carbon emissions to zero.

Paul Allen, Zero Carbon Britain project manager said;

“ The climate science couldn’t be clearer – to stabilise the climate system and stay below the globally agreed limit of 2ºC with high certainty, the world needs to move beyond fossil fuel based energy systems. Tackling such a complex global challenge requires a new kind of approach, Zero Carbon: Making it happen!” actively seeks to integrate cutting-edge thinking from those working across a wide range of disciplines, to identify the barriers to action and the means by which we overcome them.”


The Zero Carbon Britain research to date, plus a wide range of other scenarios from across the globe clearly demonstrate that a global zero emissions target is possible with existing technologies. However, in exploring zero carbon transition with a range of audiences the questions most often raised are about how social, political and economic barriers to actually make it happen can be overcome.

To kick-start the dialogue about how to make the transition to zero carbon, CAT has come up with three key questions;

  • What do you consider the foremost barriers preventing us achieving a zero carbon future at the rate required by the climate science?
  • Any ideas, research and case studies how we can overcome these barriers and make change happen?
  • Would you be interested in collaborating with our project, giving insights from your professional perspective as to the key barriers preventing change and how we overcome them?

Over the next 12 months, CAT will be building dialogues between solutions focused modelling and researchers working in economics, psychology, sociology, community, history, politics, law, democracy, arts, culture, business & the media. In addition research will look at what barriers are faced by those on the ground implementing projects such as community energy or food schemes.

Paul Allen said; We know of lots of good research and practical projects are happening in the individual, community, city and national scales; we want to focus it on delivering the transition demonstrated in scenarios like Zero Carbon Britain.It’s time to go beyond talking; we must now make it happen!”

CAT is calling for contributions from people across the board, for more information please contact