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Statement from Adrian Ramsay, CEO of the Centre for Alternative Technology, in response to climate deal agreed in Paris 12/12/15

“We welcome the deal to keep global temperature rise to well below 2C, with an aim to keep it below 1.5C – this is a significant step forward in the global recognition of the dangers of climate change. However, the deal does not set out a timeline for the phasing out of fossil fuels, and therefore fails to offer a good chance of meeting its own target.

The Redlines action at the Arc de Triomphe Paris 12/12/15

The COP agreement must rapidly convert its goals into new national pledges in line with what the science tells us about how much remaining carbon can safely be burned. It should also acknowledge that the major share of this belongs to developing nations that have not been burning coal, oil and gas for the past 150 years.

To have a reasonable chance of meeting the 2C goal, all investment in new fossil fuels must be halted now – both coal and fracking. Public funds spent subsidising fossil fuels should be redirected into renewable energy and used to support poorer majority world countries to build the clean energy infrastructure they need.

The science says we need to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions globally by mid-century. CAT’s Zero Carbon Britain research has shown that this is achievable using technology available today. The UNFCCC has set the goal – now they must implement the pathways to achieving it.”