CAT’s PV roof gets a new look, thanks to its neighbours at Dulas

CAT’s PV roof gets a new look, thanks to its neighbours at Dulas

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The Centre for Alternative Technology first installed its Photovoltaic (PV) roof over 15 years ago. When it was first built it was the largest PV array in the UK , covering up to 112sq meters and generating up to 13.5 kilowatts. It has provided CAT with clean, constant source of electricity ever since. As of October 2006 the roof has produced 2885 KWH- enough energy to power eight houses and saved over 14 tonnes of carbon emissions.

Unfortunately over the last few years the frame on which the PV panels are mounted has deteriorated. But thanks to neighbouring company Dulas, the roof is getting a revamp and the PV panels remounted using new technology in order to enable the solar panels to carry on producing electricity.

“The work of CAT is vital in informing, inspiring and enabling practical solutions for sustainable living. We have been delighted to lend a hand in repairing the solar roof and giving this valuable resource a new lease of life .” Dulas , which is based in Machynlleth , is a world-renowned renewable energy company. Dulas started 28 years ago as part of the Centre for Alternative Technology but has since gone on to become its own company with expertise in biomass, wind energy, solar, and hydro installations. Dulas have begun work on the PV roof at CAT to replace the old frame, donating materials and time for free.

Kate Blair at CAT said “We are enormously grateful to Dulas for their help. Dulas and CAT enjoy a long standing relationship and it is fantastic that they have offered their expertise to redo the PV roof ahead of the opening of our new eco-educational facility the Wales Institute for Sustainable Education.”

Notes to editors.

Dulas have been key to the development of the UK renewables market, and have recently played a major role in delivering the UK governments renewable energy policy, as a framework supplier to the Low Carbon Buildings Programme. Dulas are responsible for many of the UK ‘s first solar, wind, hydro and biomass installations. Dulas continue to innovate, working with built environment professionals to meet the challenges of delivering a low carbon future. The company has grown significantly in the last five years following the trends in global renewable energy markets.

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The Centre for Alternative Technology based in Machynlleth; Wales is a pioneering research and demonstration centre that aims to inspire practical solutions for sustainable living. Opening to the public back in 1975 it has since established a worldwide reputation for the work that it has done. For more information

Photovoltaic Panels

Solar photovoltaic technology is a clean, reliable and readily available alternative. It is used to create carbon emission free electricity by using silicon cells (semi-conductors), which produce electric power directly from daylight. When light shines on the semi-conductor, the electric field across the junction between these two layers causes electricity to flow. The greater the intensity of the light, the greater the flow of electricity.