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Yesterday, anyone here may have noticed lots of people wondering around in fluorescent yellow jackets and hardhats and wondered what they were up to. Well, mystery solved. We were visited by a group of 2nd year BEng Civil Engineering students from UEL, on a Geology fieldtrip. The students attended a lecture, a question & answer session, and had tours around the site. It’s the first time the course has come to CAT and the organiser explained that it’s a fantastic way for the students to put a practical, real-life experience alongside the theoretical content of the course. Furthermore, the course is accreditated by the Joint Board of Moderators, who insist that it has a sustainability strain throughout the course. In this past, this has been acheived through trips to the Eden Project, among other things, but it seems that the visit to CAT has left a lasting impression on the students and been a very useful and somewhat eye-opening experience.
Many of the students had been amazed at the use of materials in some of the buildings at CAT, particularly the huge rammed earth walls of the Sheppard lecture theatre and the use of strawbales in other structures.
The success of this visit (despite the rain) is a fantastic sign that our future civil engineers will hopefully embrace sustainable building practices in their personal and professional lives. We wish them luck with the rest of their studies.