CAT Site Tour

CAT Site Tour

The CAT site has many stories to tell and our site tours can be tailored to meet a variety of needs.

The tour covers the history of the site and of CAT and introduces the key sustainability themes used on-site, from renewable energy through to a wide variety of examples of environmentally responsible buildings.

The tour also takes in CAT’s beautiful organic gardens with an option to include the Quarry Trail walk, which surrounds the site and provides stunning views of the site and the Dyfi Biosphere in which its lies.

Key Info

  • Duration 75 minutes
  • Suitable for Key stage 2–4 and A level
  • Focus on Geography and STEM subjects
  • The tour involves access to the outer CAT site and suitable footwear and outdoor clothing is essential
  • Covers the history of the site, CAT and the key sustainability themes displayed and used on site
  • £90 per session (up to 20 pupils)

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