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Come and be part of something important!

Using a combination of cutting edge satellite observation, computer analysis and input from the public on the ground, Living Wales captures incredible details and information from the Welsh Landscape and represents it though fascinating interactive displays.

Acting as the public facing showcase for this joint project with Aberystwyth University, the exhibition visually reveals the scale of climate change over the last thirty years by earth observation technology and to explore how we can use this to manage solutions in the future.

Discover the relationship between technology and the natural world and can get up close and personal helping to monitor wildlife right here at CAT.

You can fire TrackerPack backpacks from the Living Wales centre which will help the littlen’s get off out around CAT looking for birds, insects, tree species and more.

Come to CAT and get involved!




Collect your TrackerPack backpack from the Living Wales exhibition and become a nature detective! Each pack contains a magnifying glass, bug box, binoculars, trackerpad and more. (Free of charge with a £5 deposit)