Renewable Energy Jobs and Careers

Renewable Energy Jobs and Careers

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Are you looking for a career in renewable energy? There are thousands of exciting jobs in wind and solar power, and our degree courses will help you get the skills you need for a career in this internally booming sector.

And you don’t even have to quit your current job to study with us: The flexible structure of our degree programmes means that existing job or family commitments need not stop you from preparing for a new career.

Our MSc Sustainability in Energy Provision and Demand Management postgraduate course explores ecological, social and economic impacts and the policy drivers at international, national and local scales and examines renewable energy provision, the science and engineering behind sustainable energy, global and local energy markets, energy and resource management, and the role of decision-makers at different levels in achieving energy security and sustainability.

Sustainability in energy can be achieved only via renewable energy provision, increased energy efficiency and intelligent management of energy resources. Through a mixture of academic study and hands-on practical learning, different energy technologies are examined alongside new advances in energy storage, smart grids and meters. Computer modelling, data collection and analysis give students practical experience in effective energy management.

In addition, CAT also offers the following postgraduate award courses around sustainability, adaptation, sustainable food and natural resources and architecture:

Sustainability and Adaptation
Sustainability and Adaptation Planning
Sustainability and Adaptation in the Built Environment

Sustainable Food and Natural Resources
Sustainability and Behaviour Change*
Sustainability and Ecology*
Green Building*

Sustainable Architecture

* New for 2019

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