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Here you will find information relevant to being a current student at CAT.

Hopefully you’ll find the information you need below.

If you are a current student and you cannot find the information you need, please contact student support.

For any other enquiry, please contact the Graduate School Communications Officer through our Graduate School General Enquiry form.

Useful Documents

Programme Handbooks & Specs Student Policies and Procedures

Student Charter Student-Charter-1.pdf

Student Admission Policy and Procedure Student-Admission-Policy-and-Procedure-1.pdf

Complaints Policy and Procedures Complaints-Policy-and-Procedures.pdf

Student Disciplinary Regulations and Procedures Student-Disciplinary-Regulations-and-Procedures.pdf

Equal Opportunities Policy Statement Equal-Opportunities-Policy-Statement.pdf

Safeguarding Policy and Procedure Safeguarding-Policy-and-Procedure-.pdf

GSE Student Support and Welfare Services GSE-Student-Support-and-Welfare-Services_1.1_July-2018.pdf

GSE Academic Integrity Policy and Procedures GSE-Academic-Integrity-Policy-and-Procedures-1.pdf

Teaching and Learning Strategy Teaching-and-Learning-Strategy.pdf

Teaching and Learning Enhancement Strategy Teaching-and-Learning-Enhancement-Strategy.pdf

Prevent Policy and Procedure for the Booking of Speakers and Events CAT Prevent policy for speakers and events GSE 2018

CAT Prevent policy for Freedom of Speech  CAT Prevent policy for freedom of speech 2018 GSE

Extenuating Circumstances Policies and Procedures CAT-Extenuating-Circumstances-Policy-and-Procedures_v1.2_-June-2018-1.docx

MSc Module Specifications

For programmes awarded by University of East London

EV7101 Dissertation Module UEL EV7101-Dissertation-Module-UEL.pdf

EV7102 Sustainability and Adaptation – Concepts and Planning UEL EV7102-Sustainability-and-Adaptation-Concepts-and-Planning-UEL.pdf

EV7103 EcoSystem Services – Land Use Water and Waste Management UEL EV7103-EcoSystem-Services-Land-Use-Water-and-Waste-Management-UEL.pdf

EV7104 Environmental Politics and Economics UEL EV7104-Environmental-Politics-and-Economics-1-UEL.pdf

EV7105 Cities and Communities UEL EV7105-Cities-and-Communities-UEL.pdf

EV7106 Energy Flows in Buildings Part A UEL EV7106-Energy-Flows-in-Buildings-Part-A-1-UEL.pdf

EV7107 Energy Flows in Buildings Part B UEL EV7107-Energy-Flows-in-Buildings-Part-B-UEL.pdf

EV7108 Energy Provision UEL EV7108-Energy-Provision-UEL.pdf

EV7109 Building Performance Assessment and Evaluation UEL EV7109-Building-Performance-Assessment-and-Evaluation-UEL.pdf

EV7110 Sustainable Materials in the Built Environment UEL EV7110-Sustainable-Materials-in-the-Built-Environment-UEL.pdf

EV7111 Applied Project UEL EV7111-Applied-Project-1-UEL.pdf

EV7112 Work-based Project UEL EV7112-Work-based-Project-1-UEL.pdf

EV7115 Introduction to Sustainability in Energy Provision and Demand Management UEL EV7115-Introduction-to-Sustainability-in-Energy-Provision-and-Demand-Management-UEL.pdf

EV7116 Energy Generation Supply and Demand in Cities UEL EV7116-Energy-Generation-Supply-and-Demand-in-Cities-UEL.pdf

EV7117 Energy Generation from Wind UEL EV7117-Energy-Generation-from-Wind-UEL.pdf

EV7118 Energy Generation from Solar UEL EV7118-Energy-Generation-from-Solar-UEL.pdf

EV7119 Hydroelectric and Marine Energy Generation UEL EV7119-Hydroelectric-and-Marine-Energy-Generation-UEL-1.pdf


For programmes awarded by Liverpool John Moores University

7500CATSCI Dissertation LJMU 7500CATSCI-Dissertation-LJMU.pdf

7501CATSCI Sustainability and Adaptation – Concepts and Planning LJMU 7501CATSCI-Sustainability-and-Adaptation-Concepts-and-Planning-LJMU.pdf

7502CATSCI Environmental Politics and Economics LJMU 7502CATSCI-Environmental-Politics-and-Economics-LJMU.pdf

7503CATSCI Food Production and Consumption LJMU 7503CATSCI-Food-Production-and-Consumption-LJMU.pdf

7504CATSCI Land and Resource Management in Cities LJMU 7504CATSCI-Land-and-Resource-Management-in-Cities-LJMU.pdf

7505CATSCI Energy Provision LJMU 7505CATSCI-Energy-Provision-LJMU.pdf

7506CATSCI Ecosystem Services Land-use and Waste Management LJMU 7506CATSCI Ecosystem Services Land use and Waste Management LJMU.pdf

7507CATSCI Sustainable Materials in the Built Environment LJMU 7507CATSCI-Sustainable-Materials-in-the-Built-Environment-LJMU.pdf

7508CATSCI Applied Project LJMU 7508CATSCI-Applied-Project-LJMU.pdf

7509CATSCI Work-based Project LJMU 7509CATSCI-Work-based-Project-LJMU.pdf

7510CATSCI The Science of Sustainable Food Production LJMU 7510CATSCI-The-Science-of-Sustainable-Food-Production-LJMU.pdf

MArch Module Specifications

AR7400 Integrated Design Project 1 UEL AR7400-Integrated-Design-Project-1-IDP1-UEL.pdf

AR7401 Architectural Analysis Through Writing 1 AAW1 UEL AR7401-Architectural-Analysis-Through-Writing-1-AAW1-UEL.pdf

AR7402 Professional Studies UEL AR7402-Professional-Studies-UEL.pdf

AR7403 Integrated design Project 2 IDP2 UEL AR7403-Integrated-design-Project-2-IDP2-UEL.pdf

AR7404 Design and Build Project UEL AR7404-Design-and-Build-Project-UEL.pdf

AR7405 Architectural Analysis Through Writing 2 AAW2 UEL AR7405-Architectural-Analysis-Through-Writing-2-AAW2-UEL.pdf

AR7406 Dissertation UEL AR7406-Dissertation-UEL.pdf

AR7407 Technical report for Final design Project UEL AR7407-Technical-report-for-Final-design-Project-UEL.pdf

AR7408 Final Design Project FDP UEL AR7408-Final-Design-Project-FDP-UEL-1.pdf

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