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How we build matters! To meet the challenges of climate change new builds must be well insulated and made with natural, low impact materials that don’t produce lots of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gas emissions during the manufacturing process. 

Our sustainable building short courses provide a chance to get hands-on experience using natural materials, gain experience with ‘green building’ techniques, and improve your skills in a relaxed and supportive environment, with courses suitable for everyone from novice through to professional.

Build a Tiny House Course

Gain practical building skills and learn how you could make your own tiny home.

Masters Courses

Explore sustainability, the built environment, green building, techniques, materials and design at our Graduate School.

Build a Natural House

Developed from our Build a Tiny House course - gain practical skills and explore using natural building materials.

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Graduate School of the Environment

Explore building sustainably at CAT

Get the skills to make a difference and explore what changes we can make to our buildings and the built environment to help us meet the challenges brought about by climate change.