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GreenSchool is the largest free standing bamboo structure, and the green-est; off-grid school there is, it is somewhere I certainly wish I had attended.  

A stuffy classroom in the middle of the city, freezing in the winter and boiling in the summer is no kids idea of fun. However, founder John Hardey, after contemplating these problems has built one-of-a-kind school using natural materials and building methods. Although the climate is a world away from that of the UK, the school in Bali, Indonesia is truly inspiring.

The basketball court at GreenSchool

The buildings themselves use energy generated on-sight, such as generating hot water by using a bamboo sawdust hot water system. It also features wall-less classrooms, canopy walks and a green garden that uses bio intensive methods to grow vegetables to then be used in the cafeteria. The students are all encouraged to work in green industries, and to be creative and active in becoming the new, adaptive workforce in the future.

Students enjoying the fresh air in their open planned classroom

GreenSchool was awarded the ‘Greenest School on Earth in 2012’. The award gives recognition and promotes the aims of the school, showcasing its dedication to sustainability. This year, in October, the award of greenest school was announced with two schools taking the award. There was the Sing Yin Secondary School in China that boasts an organic farm, two green roofs and an aquarium. The other was Uaso Nyiro Primary School in Kenya which is an alternative low cost school designed for poor regions in need of water.

Listen to an inspiring talk at TED where John Hardey presented the school aims, motives and outcomes.