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'The Roadless Trip' by Sarah Woods and Richard Gott

After a week-long land journey that saw some of the Summit’s participants traverse Wales on foot, two stimulating and inspiring days and a year of preparation, on Sunday the 2012 Emergence project drew to a close.

The day began early again for the early birds. At 9, the morning began in earnest with the second Emergence artist commission – this time from Sarah Woods and Richard Gott. ‘The Roadless Trip’ incorporated games, film and narration presented by Sarah and Richard themselves to explore what we may want to leave behind as we transform our society to a more ecologically sound one – and what we’ll pack to take with us.

Afterwards, the young Emergence delegates presented ‘messages from the future’ – messages collected from young people all over the UK about what their hopes were for what the future would hold. The rest of the morning and early afternoon provided time for the delegates to collaborate and share ideas in the self-organising ‘quest space.’ Participants offered up their ideas for projects for others to join, or feed in to; a wide variety of exciting, new ideas were explored and floated.

After the ‘quest space’ time was up, the Summit participants joined together again for some closing remarks and the closing ceremony. ‘Emergence stoaways’ Gary and Gabriel encouraged delegates to share their ‘stowaway thoughts’ – secret, potentially critical ideas that had been harboured by participants during the weekend.

The afternoon's 'Quest Spaces'

Ansuman Biswas followed the stowaways’ excavation of hidden thoughts with ‘a taste for the sea’, recounting a story from the land journey. Ansuman played a harmonica recovered from a man encountered several times over the course of the walk, as well as other instruments, creating a beautiful, evocative soundscape.

John Fox and Sue Gill – who also led the opening ceremony – then began the closing ceremony of the conference. The opening saw participants sing ‘making the bread called tomorrow’ together, and the closing once again united the gathering in song. The delegates were encouraged to draw a piece of the universe on a piece of slate, and, following a procession of the young delegates, moved outside into the courtyard area where a circle had been created. Participants placed their slates in the circle, and were taught a song.

Finally, the Summit closed with a bang, courtesy of artist Jony Easterby. More photos available here.

Participants end the Summit with a song