Permaculture Design Course (part 3)

Permaculture Design Course (part 3)

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Designing resilient abundant human habitats.

The final instalment of a three-part course in designing systems that provide for human needs in an ecologically beneficial way.

Please note that you must have completed the short courses Permaculture (part 1) and Permaculture (part 2) to attend Permaculture (part 3). To book this course please email the tutor, Dr Angie Polkey:

Key information

  • Duration: three days
  • Upcoming dates: Saturday 27th – Monday 29th April 2019
  • Start and finish times: starts at 10am and ends at 4pm on the last day
  • Fees: £120; concessions £100 (paid via Aberystwyth Universsity). Optional full board accommodation at CAT £130 (shared) or £170 (single)
  • Includes: tuition, all materials.
  • What to bring: waterproof clothing is recommended

What you will learn

This is the third long weekend in a three part accredited Permaculture Design Course. Each weekend can stand alone if preferred. However, all three modules are required for a Permaculture Design Certificate.

Permaculture is a design system to provide for human needs in an ecologically beneficial way. Focusing on land use but also encompassing other human needs such as energy, transport and social welfare, it aims to use a set of principles including multipurpose spatial design and perennial planting systems to increase efficiency as well as improving human wellbeing.

The focus of this course is on how to meet our fundamental human needs more sustainably. There is a particular emphasis on how we can design things to work well together.

You will develop your own portfolio of small, achievable designs through projects carried out during and between each weekend, with support and feedback from the tutor team. This will culminate in a larger design exercise over the last weekend – an opportunity for you to apply and integrate your learning throughout the course.

Expert tuition from experienced teachers is complemented by inspirational site visits to nearby permaculture practitioners.

To book this course, please email the tutor directly, Accommodation at CAT can be booked using the booking portal below.

Meet your tutors

Course tutor Dr Angie Polkey has many years’ experience in permaculture design and teaching. Her qualifications include a PhD in Ecology and an Advanced Certificate of Education.

She has worked for various NGOs, including a Wildlife Trust, RSPB, Learning through Landscapes and, for almost 15 years, Denmark Farm Conservation Centre near Lampeter, where she was the Project Coordinator.

She now works part-time for the Wales conservation grazing organisation, PONT, and continues her permaculture and conservation teaching and advisory work.

Angie lives on a smallholding near Tregaron where she and her husband have created an abundant food forest, veggie garden and permaculture paradise!

To book this course please email the tutor, Dr Angie Polkey:

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