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Join families all over the UK this summer who are taking part in Project Pollinate and build a Pollinator Palace!

Wasps and bees, moths and butterflies, beetles and flies pollinate our natural landscape and help it to flourish. You can support our important mini beasts by designing and decorating your very own pollinator palace and add it to the insect kingdom we’re building at CAT!

In association with Eco Attractions Group, we’ll be running pollinator palace workshops all day on set days throughout the break so come along and take part!
Sessions are running at the following time:


Enter your creation into the Project Pollinate competition to be in for a chance to win a fantastic prize. Take a photo and ask your parent/guardian (as you need to be 13 and over to have an account) to post it on Instagram with the hashtag #projectpollinate2019 and tagging @ecoattractions.  Do this before September 3rd 2019 and you will be automatically entered into the competition.

Workshops are free with your entry ticket.


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