Four ideas for low-carbon travel this Christmas

Four ideas for low-carbon travel this Christmas

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With the festive season fairly well begun and Christmas a mere 18 days away, it’s worth considering how we can make this year’s silly season a low-carbon one. As a major part of our emissions come from travel, we present four ideas for reducing the environmental cost of our peregrinations.

1. Car share
There’s an abundance of car-pooling websites for the UK, including Freewheelers, Lift Share, National Car Share, Carpooling, and Catch a Ride. Between them, you’re likely to find a lift travelling your way; alternatively, if you’ve got space, consider offering it on one of these websites. A community mailing list or notice board would also be a good places to solicit or offer rides.

2. Hitch-hike
Perhaps not everyone’s first choice for travelling, but depending on your perspective, still a viable mode of transport. Digihitch has forums for those interested in travelling by thumb, and elsewhere on the web there are useful tips for keeping safe on the road.

3. Take the train or bus
Websites such as Transport Direct can help map out the easiest way of getting from door to door, while elsewhere online it’s easy to find cheap deals on public transport.

4. Drive efficiently
In some circumstances, there isn’t really another option beyond driving your own laden car, and scant possibility for filling extra seats. In this case, consider how you can drive more efficiently. This Guardian article quotes US government statistics that suggest that driving smoothly can reduce your fuel consumption by a third.