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by Chloe Ward Display Gardens

Hello. I’m Chloe and I work on CAT’s display gardens. This week I’m taking over the CAT blog.

Everything is happening at once just now, so we’re frantically trying to keep up with the sowing, weeding and planting. It’s been very, very sunny and the plants are shooting ahead with lots a fresh green growth and it seems to me like the apple blossom is much earlier than usual this spring.

In the display gardens it’s not just about growing organic food and creating good habitats for wildlife, but also about showing our visitors what we’re doing and why. I love doing my veg patches, but I also have a few pet subjects, which I’ll be talking about this week. One is forest gardening which I’ve been interested in for over twenty years. Another is seed saving. It’s rewarding to grow veg from seed you’ve saved yourself, but it’s even more rewarding to help keep a vegetable variety in existence. That’s what we’re doing at CAT with some of our veg that we save seeds from.

Looking forward to comparing notes with other gardeners this week.