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A few weeks ago i bought myself a new toy – a digital microscope. These things aren’t expensive and they really do open up a whole new world. One of the most beautiful things i’ve seen so far is the embryo of a french bean seed. Here i go – humanising the plants again, but it’s so fresh and innocent and ready for life, i can’t help being in awe when i look at it.



On the microscope’s highest magnification things are even more wonderous. One of my favourite plants is Wild Garlic or Allium ursinum. It’s a staple wild food around these parts with springtime bringing much consumption of wild garlic and nettle soup, wild garlic fritters, with a bit of wild garlic salad on the side (if you like garlic anyway). The flowers are over now and the seed are forming – here you can see the developing seed, and a close up of the seed inside the “fruit” (which used to be part of the flower).



We often use a one of these gadgets on the CAT gardening courses to get a good look at what’s going on, but it’s great to have one on hand at home, just for wonder and curiosity.

Chloe is a tutor on the CAT Gardening for a Sustainable Future course in Late July