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Just now, we have what we call “good growing weather” ie lots of sun and lots of rain. The CAT gardens are going wild. The forest garden is really coming into its own now and is looking more bountiful every day. Many of the fruit bushes are starting to bear in serious quantities – it’s looking like we’ll have a great harvest of tayberries. The tayberry is a cross between a blackberry and a raspberry. It looks like you’d expect, with vigourous stems which bear dark red, long fruits. Ours is climbing one of the arches, and has made its way into the Bramley apple tree too.


The garden is filling out nicely, and i’ve noticed there’s been less weeding to do as ther ground covers form thicker weed-excluding mats. I’ve put a few peas and beans in to climb up strings into the apple tree (along with the tayberry). Talking of string, the “String Plant” is establishing nicely and it won’t be long before I’ll be harvesting CAT-forest-garden string for use as garden twine.


Forest gardening tends to divide gardeners into advocates and sceptics. I’m trying my best to have an unbiased approach – but i have to admit that i really, really want it to work.


We have a good look at forest gardening on our course “Sustainable Gardening – the whys and hows” – forest gardening sceptics welcome, as well as enthusiasts.

Chloe is a tutor on the CAT Gardening for a Sustainable Future course in Late July