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Join the debtate on twitter #enviroquestiontime
It is the politics module of our Msc in Advanced Architecture and Environmental Studies. Always interesting, often
controversial and most definitely thought provoking the module brings together some of the leading thinkers in their field for a week of rousing debates, lectures and workshops. We will be featuring more about the module in the coming week, with blogs, podcasts, videos and interviews with some of the lecturers.As part of the module CAT will be running it’s first ever ‘tweeted’ environmental question time. Featuring Paul Allen, CAT external relations director, Andrew Cooper, Green councillor and Kim Bryan, Media officer at CAT. Throughout the question time that will take place on Thursday 17th of January at 7pm we will be tweeting from the auditorium.From the international politics of climate change, behaviour change, green economies and environmental histories we would like to hear what you have to say. Follow the debate on twitter, #enviroquestiontime  its not to early to start sending questions in and get the debate going.


Adrian Ramsay is a lecturer in Environment, Politics and Economics at CAT?s Graduate School of the Environment . Adrian also has substantial experience of campaigning for sustainability through the political system and working with communities to achieve change at a local level. He was a Green Party Councillor in Norwich for eight years and from 2008 to 2012 was Deputy Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales.


Paul Allen joined CAT in 1988 and responsible for design, development of a renewable energy systems. In 1995 Paul took up the newly created position as CAT?s Media and Communications Officer. Paul is currently CAT’s External Relations Officer, since 2006 he has led the ground-breaking Zero Carbon Britain research programme.

Andrew Cooper is a Green Party Councillor and has been and has worked in the housing and energy sector since 1993 when he became Kirklees Council?s first Energy Efficiency Co-ordinator. He introduced the UK?s first universally free insulation for pensioners, worked on Regional Energy Policy and much more. In 2009 he was recognised in the Independent on Sunday list of 100 environmentalists ( number 59) and was the only councillor in the list.

Kim Bryan is an environmental and social change activist with a focus on areas of communication and education. She is currently working as CAT’s  Media and communcations officer and as a freelance writer on environmental and social justice issues. She also works with the TRAPESE popular education collective who deliver workshops and trainings to other adult educators on a range of issues. She also runs facilitation and consensus training for groups and organisations.