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A better world is possible! Discover the latest from CAT on climate change, our Zero Carbon Britain research, what's happening on site, green building, renewable energy, along with posts on a broad range of topics relating to sustainability.

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CAT Conference 2019

We had an exciting time at the CAT Conference this year, with lots of inspiring conversations, great speakers, a memorable ceilidh and highly engaged participants. The theme this year was…

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Composting - Toilet

The joys of compost toilets

Compost toilets come in all shapes and sizes, from hand built cabins on the mountainside, to off the shelf systems. You may have used one at a festival, nature reserve,…

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organic gardens at CAT

Fledgling farmers

An update on the Pathways to Farming pilot project by Katie Hastings We have reached the end of our first year training new commercial food producers to grow and sell…

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paul allen lecture

This is an emergency — let’s act like it.  

Public awareness and the desire to create change is building. Later this week people from across the world will join a global week of climate action in support of the…

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A Green New Deal for Homes

As the campaign for a Green New Deal gathers pace in both Britain and the US, Jonathan Atkinson looks at how it could help transform UK housing.

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Time for a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty

Half a century ago, faced with the threat of nuclear catastrophe, the world came together and agreed the nonproliferation treaty. Andrew Simms and Peter Newell argue that we now need…

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Climate jobs

As we transition away from an economy based on fossil fuels towards zero carbon there is the potential for the creation of hundreds of thousands of new green jobs. Anne…

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drone view cat wise

Meet CAT’s new CEO

CAT’s new Chief Executive Officer, Peter Tyldesley has just completed week one at the helm. We caught up with him to find out a bit more about his background and…

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Climate Strike!

This September, people across the world will join a global week of climate action in support of the school strikers. Clean Slate Editor Catriona Toms urges you to get involved.

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