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This Is Leanda’s final blog post for CAT as she has now finished her last module on the renewable energy and the built environment course she has been taking. We wish her all the best for the future.

Where has the last year gone? It has just flown by. I really didn’t realise that juggling this course, a part-time job and a life on top of it, would prove so tricky. My life has been the area to give, when times have got tough i.e. deadlines have loomed quicker than I would have liked but that’s fine as I have been so interested in what I have been studying.

This Part 2 of the double module was my very last module of the post-grad part of the course. It was a hive of activity as groups got back together to work out exactly what work had been done and most evenings were spent sorting out the remaining task list work and then the group presentation.

The groups that had set up working Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic rigs had suffered from what has been the wettest summer for 100 years. Maybe someone needs to invent a feasible renewable energy that requires rain!

I always find that you know much more about the subject during the second part of a two part module and because of that, you get more out of it. I believe next year, there is a transition to completing double modules only. I believe that students will gain more from this as they will be working in groups which is what happens in real life, although this can be a double edge sword as it can become quite interesting at times as people seem to have different priorities when at home!

As if I wasn’t a glutton for punishment with the amount of work that I had to do for my group work already, I took it upon myself to organise a Hawaiian theme BBQ night for the Saturday night. The caretaker, Dom, was an absolute saviour for helping me organise ordering some food for it. I really couldn’t have done it without him as my time was so taken up with the group presentation work.

I did manage to slip out of CAT to get Rachael a gift from those of us who were attending their last module. She’s not only organised us, but the tutors too and is so brilliant at getting back to people. We wanted to thank her for that.

To begin the evening, the tutors had hidden themselves around CAT, as elves and we had to both find and then get a question out of them. The amount of effort that they had put into it, however, back-fired a little when we put in a miserable effort at actually getting the questions right!

I was blown away by the self-expression dance competition that followed. The tutors expressed a superb biomass boiler to perfection, while a group of students cracked everyone up with their dual tracking PV farm complete with sun. It was suggested that maybe this competition ought to make its way into the group presentations, as so much thought and effort had been afforded it.

My eyes have been opened to the environmental world in a way I had never imagined they would. So very glad that I finally got to study at CAT. CAT seems to have a way of catching someone’s attention and then drawing them back to it, when the time is right. What a brilliant end to a brilliant course.

I now have some time to finish my final coursework and look for a proper job before hopefully starting my thesis in February.