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Regular readers will probably have noticed that I have a particular fascination with insects and other invertebrate mini-beasts – I find their ‘differentness’ and ‘other worldness’ completely absorbing. To get the most out of observing them though, you really need a few forms of magnification so that you can get really up close and personal and enter a strange and bewildering world. Ideally your kit should consist of a magnifying glass, a powerful hand lens and best of all a decent stereo microscope – with these you can really appreciate the wonderful intricacy of even the humblest of insects. Once you have looked at a bee’s knees under a microscope, it really is the bee’s knees. Of course you first have to catch your insects without harming them and for that you need a pooter which you can either buy or make yourself and then you are all set to branch out as a real live entomologist. As I am going to have quite a bit of spare time soon I’m looking forward to happily crawling around the undergrowth clutching my pooter and turning into a entomological nerd – no comments please.

Image from the beehive display in the visitors centre.