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We have a host of exciting new short courses taking place at CAT in the new year – if you fancy learning something new in 2014 then how about building your own green roof? This course will run from the 28th till the 30th of March.  What’s to learn from green roofs and why are they important? 

Sedum plants grown on one of the many Green roofs at CAT
Sedum plants grown on one of the many Green roofs at CAT

This in-depth, practical course which will take you through the process of designing and building an ‘extensive’ green roof (which, unlike ‘intensive’ roofs, require minimum maintenance). Students will learn how to plan and build their own green roof with consideration of wildlife, planting methods, architecture and engineering. The course will also look at how to build a green roof on an existing building, such as on a shed or an apartment roof.

Tutor Carwyn Jones working on the newest green roof at CAT

Building a green roof essentially puts the carbon footprint from the ground, on the roof reducing its footprint in construction. A green roof attracts birds and insects such as bees and butterflies, which can encourage pollination in your garden. It helps prevent surface runoff that could cause flooding or a strain on your drain pipes. As well as improving the view, there is strong evidence that green roofs promote occupant well-being, due to our innate ‘biophilia’ (having a close connection with nature! ). The tutor, Carwyn Jones, explains that ‘its not just a case of putting grass on a roof’, and that he will cover the important topics of choosing the right growing medium and allowing for adequate drainage.

Find out more about this course on our website. Until 31/01/2014 we are offering 10% off this short course.