New toilet for worm-based sanitation project launched

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A new, specially built toilet has been launched at CAT for the worm-based sanitation project currently being undertaken on site. The beautiful building sits behind the toilets at top station, and currently is only available to staff who have elected to become part of the ‘Poo Club’, pledging their poos while on site to be used in the project.

The next few months will serve as a trial period for the toilet, which is a prototype version of what the finished model will be like. Designed with the conditions of developing countries in mind, the toilets are like flush toilets, but use less water – thereby not filling up as quickly, unlike pit latrines. Tiger worms digest the solids, and underneath a filtration bed treats the fluid waste. When the wastes are adequately treated, they can be released into the environment.

Researchers are hoping to open up the toilet to visitors to CAT in the summer.

For more about the building process, visit this website.
Check back here soon for a blog post on the construction of the building.