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I have just set off on a six-week research and communication trip to the USA, following in the footsteps of the trip CAT founder Gerard Morgan-Grenville took which inspired him to set up CAT 40 years ago.

The journey started with the shortest air flight possible, arriving in Boston, after that all travel across the USA will be by train. I will visit five locations (Boston, Oberlin, Cleveland, Salt Lake City and San Francisco), opening at each city with a public ZCB presentation to help locate key contacts, and then following up with one to one meetings with the aim of:

  • Researching the development of rapid decarbonisation scenarios from leading US groups, looking at their methodologies, key parameters, funding sources and outputs.
  • Explore how such scenarios are being used and communicated and what successes they are achieving with differing audiences.
  • Investigate any cross-disciplinary work, such as linking ‘technical decarbonisation scenarios’ to work in sociology, psychology, politics, economics etc.
  • Research into any mitigation / adaptation synergies being explored by US modellers
  • Encouraging more US modellers to embrace food/diets and land-use

I will feed the findings into future ZCB development work and present them to others across the UK. I will be posting my progress on this blog and giving a presentation to the Climate Change Commission on the 5th June on my return.

Whilst in the USA will meet with a range of green thinkers and communicators, including a visit to the ‘Prelinger Archive’ (with Joanna Wright) to explore the use of archives in audio-visual presentations to help people understand the ‘extraordinary story of human beings and energy’.

The trip is supported by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust plus funding from the Richard St George legacy to ZCB. In addition ZCB has received funding for this research from Arts Council Wales to enable me to work with Joanna Wright (ex-ZCB artist in residence) to film the trip and to undertake research, develop and test-out a new ZCB audio-video presentation as we travel.