Dr Paul Stevens

Senior Lecturer

With a multidisciplinary background and a PhD in Psychology, Paul is passionate about exploring how individual experience and consensus science methods can inform each other, especially in the promotion of more sustainable ways of being well.

Paul has been a lecturer and researcher at the Universities of Edinburgh, Bournemouth, Derby and the Open University, focusing on different aspects of human-environment relationships. He is a Director with the Centre for Human Ecology and a practising hypnotherapist.


PhD Psychology, University of Edinburgh.

Bsc (Hons) Astronomy, University College London.

Teaching activities

  • Module leader SBC
  • Lecturer
  • Seminar and practical studies tutor
  • Thesis supervisor

Research Interests

  • Human responses (physiological, affective, experiential) to urban/natural environments, including non-sensory stimuli;
  • Narratives for sustainability;
  • Psychological restoration & states of consciousness.

Selected publications

Stevens, P. (2018). Fractal dimension links responses to a visual scene to its biodiversity. Ecopsychology, 10: 89-86.

Stevens, P. (2018). A hypnosis framing of therapeutic horticulture for mental health rehabilitation. The Humanistic Psychologist 46: 258-273.

Stevens (2017). “Engaging the non-linguistic mind: Re-enchantment beyond words”, in A. Voss & S. Wilson (eds.), Re-enchanting the Academy (pp. 267-268), Rubedo Press.

Stevens, P. (2014). Feeling our way in ecopsychology. Ecopsychology 6: 28-29.

Stevens, P. (2014), Affective priming of perceived environmental restorativeness. International Journal of Psychology 49: 51-55.

Stevens, P (2012). Towards an ecosociology. Sociology 46: 579-595.

Hemingway, A & Stevens, P (2011). Innovating to achieve sustainable wellbeing inside the built environment. Perspectives in Public Health 131: 117-118.

Stevens, P (2010). Embedment in the environment: A new paradigm for wellbeing? Perspectives in Public Health 130: 265-9.

Jordan, M, Stevens, P & Milton, M (2010). Ecopsychology: Past, present and future. European Journal of Ecopsychology 1: 1-3.

Stevens, P (2009). Exploring our physical connections, Ecopsychology 1: 85-92.


(Full list and copies of papers available at http://paul.wyrdwise.com/ )