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Thanks to a generous grant by People’s Postcode Trust, CAT has been able to build a new green roof for the visitor centre. This photo gallery shows the steps that CAT’s Buildings and Maintenance Officer, Carwyn Jones, has used in the building process…

1. The old food-store is one of the oldest buildings at CAT. But it was in dire need of a new roof, so Alex and Carwyn got rid of the old one first. They managed to re-use the membrane though.

2. A frame was built for the new roof. The original timber was reused where possible but as you can see, we needed a lot of new wood. The new timber was sourced from local forestry.

3. Here you can see how Carwyn re-used the old membrane. He also installed a new skylight to increase the light levels in the food-store.

4. This special membrane has pockets in it that collect water to allow for slower drainage. Bigger grades of stone were used on the edge of the roof to border the frame.

5. Almost finished! A layer of slate chippings went onto the roof (notice the extra batons that Carwyn put in place to stop the slate sliding down the roof). Soon the roof will be planted with sedums, which will need less soil and be easier to maintain than turf.

Watch this space for more photos of the new roof. Why not come and see it for yourself over Easter? CAT has a full schedule of Easter activities over the holidays!