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This incredible image of the wood store at CAT was taken by artist Tanya Stiles on a recent visit to CAT.

I have worked as a commercial designer for print and digital media for many years, now I have the time to really enjoy and develop my first love, art. Most of my pictures are slightly abstract and often based on nature. Themes or pictures usually start with a walk in the countryside or city.

Favourite materials for sketches are lovely messy paint, inks, pencils and pastels, and I also take many photos. These sketches and photos help me to work through ideas before creating digital images – on my powerful and highly capable computer. I use a very large monitor with great depth of detail and tonal range, a digital pen and top quality software. This working stage takes many hours to achieve the desired results.

You can contact Tanya at Do you have any images of CAT you’d like to share? Email them through to us at