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Ian Tansley is Chief Technical Officer of True Energy, a 10-year-old renewable energy company based in Tywyn. Ian was one of the founding members of Dulas, where he worked with a variety of different renewable technologies. Specializing in solar, he’s had 26 years of experience in solar PV design, working in particular on projects for developing countries.

In this lecture to students on our Renewable Energy and the Built Environment masters, Ian talks about the experiences he’s had in his long career in the renewables industry, as well as discussing the technologies he’s worked with and some of the issues involved. If you’re interested in learning more about the REBE course, come along to our open day, or get in touch with our student support officers on msc.rebe@cat.org.uk.

You can stream the podcast here or download the MP3 file. The second half of the lecture is available here.


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