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The National Trust is making a big effort to reduce their impact on climate change. As part of these efforts they recently held an inspiring conference called “Fit for the Future” for National Trust staff in WISE, our award-winning conference venue. One of the keynotes speakers was John Vidal, environment editor at The Guardian. The first half hour of this podcast is a recording of his lecture, the second half is a Q&A session. In the podcast, John praises both CAT and the National Trust. He says:

“I used to come here very many years ago as a friend of Pat Borer, the Architect I think some of you met this afternoon. If you can’t here me that’s because of him as he designed this building [laughter]. We used to pay cricket and do all kinds of things together and he always dreamed of building a building like this. He always dreamed of the CAT being this extraordinary thing which emerged from this idea, this ideal and would become this global centre for dissemination of ideas about renewable energy but also about living a better life and I think that he succeeded and it is actually inspiring. This is the first time I have been in this building and it is absolutely absolutely brilliant.”

Next week we will post a podcast of the other keynotes speaker from the event, Jonathan Porrit.



WISE is available to hire as a conference venue: http://venuehire.cat.org.uk/


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