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Reflections on the ZCB Launch

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It was a very hot Tuesday – temperatures were soaring across London. The Jubilee room of the House of Commons, Westminster was packed to capacity with an expectant crowd. Following a press launch in the morning, the formal parliamentary launch of Zero Carbon Britain – Rethinking the Future took place at the All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group.

Opening presentations set the scene; the first from Sir John Houghton the former co-chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change clearly outlined the consensus of scientific concern around climate. Then Joan Walley MP, the Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group offered perspectives on the need for urgent action. Paul, Alice and Tobi then presented the main findings of the report.

A packed room in Parliament

By the end of all the questions and networking, it became clear that there was an overwhelming amount of support for a zero carbon Britain.

Post-launch reporting stated that the scenario suggests “a promising future for the UK”, and Green Party Cabinet Councillor Gus Hoyt said that the report was a valuable contribution to a sustainable future: “It fills me with hope […] I look forward to using this report to inform future development of Bristol’s climate change and energy strategies.” You can read more about Bristol’s response to the report here.

By helping people picture what needs to happen, we hope to trigger positive thinking and action towards a better future. More on this to come but don’t forget, if you’re interested in getting involved, or joining forces then get in touch.

The ZCB team in Parliament



The new report, Zero Carbon Britain: Rethinking the Future is available to read online, download or buy from our website.

Photos of the launch day can been viewed on Flickr.