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Alice Hooker-Stroud, researcher on the Zero Carbon Britain report, who spoke at the Peoples Climate March on Sunday, responded to David Cameron’s speech to the UN Climate Summit in New York today. She said:

“David Cameron could have, but failed, to deliver a commitment to reach zero carbon emissions – an achievable and necessary target for the UK. He talked about raising the global ambition but failed to take on the UK’s responsibility in doing so. Instead, he implied that Britain is already doing enough to fight climate change. Unfortunately, this is just not true.

Cameron reiterated the UK policy of cutting emissions by 80% by 2050. He also said that he  wanted to meet the goal of limiting warming to two degrees centigrade. The science is clear that these two targets are not compatible, particularly when, as Cameron identified himself, developing countries may need to increase emissions. 

Cameron also mentioned fracking as part of the UK’s low carbon strategy. We know that we already have far more fossil fuel than we can afford to burn in the UK if we want to keep below two degrees warming. Fracking cannot be part of the solution. 

This weekend 40,000 people marched through London to call for 100% clean, renewable energy for the UK. Zero Carbon Britain, as we said at the march, proves this is possible with current technology, meaning it is a viable option today. Is Cameron listening to any of us…?”

David Cameron’s speech (with apologies for sound quality):